Dolphins Complete Detail

Regular Sized Vehicle – $175.00

Oversized Vehicle – $220.00

Get the ultimate Dolphins Car Wash detail with a deep clean for carpets and mats, seats, dash, doors, console, engine cleaning & dressing, odor eliminator, and hand wax.

Dolphins Complete Interior

Regular Sized Vehicle – $130.00

Oversized Vehicle – $160.00

Focus on getting your interior deep cleaned with carpets, mats, seats, dash, doors, and console.

Quick Wax

All Vehicles – $25.00

Give your car a quick shine with our quick wax. Add to any of our washes.

Headlight Restoration


Hate that foggy haze over your headlights? Restore their quality and improve your visibility at night with our headlight restoration. Full-service wash is included.

Ventilation Mist Service


Clear the air and take advantage of our ventilation service. This sanitizes your car’s ventilation system. Does not include wash.

Rubber Mat Cleaning


First and second row mats are included. Any additional mats will be an added cost.

A La Carte

Detail Services

Each detail service includes our Gold Wash

  • Hand Wax – $50
    • High quality, non-abrasive Meguiar’s wax is hand-applied and removed to restore your vehicle’s shine and protect it from containmates.
  • Carpets & Mats – $50
    • Stains and soils are pre-treated, followed by a thorough shampoo.
  • Seats – $50
    • Cloth seats are deep shampooed and leather/vinyl seats are cleaned and conditioned.
  • Dash, Doors, & Console – $50
    • Thorough cleaning & dressing of the interior dash, interior panels, center console, crevices and vents.
  • Engine Cleaning & Dressing – $50
    • A degreaser is sprayed on the engine, followed by a high-pressure steam clean. All plastic and rubber is cleaned and dressed as well.
  • Odor Eliminator – $50
    • A Vapor Tek treatment is used to eliminate pet, tobacco and other odors from the interior of vehicle.
  • QuickWax – $25
    • A liquid paste wax product applied by our detail department providing deep shine and protection for 6-8 weeks.
  • Oversized Vehicle Charges for Detail Services:
    • Add $10 for SUV’s, Mini Vans and Full-Sized Trucks

Quick Service, Superior Results

Deep Down Cleaning and Restoring

Sometimes your vehicle needs more than just a wash. Getting a full detail includes many benefits for your car, aside from getting that ‘new car’ look. Car detailing prevents rust and oxidation from compromising your car’s finish. A fresh coat of wax keeps it protected from outside elements and keeps your paint in good condition. Our experienced, specially-trained car care professionals can deep clean and restore your vehicle from the inside out.

Soapy Car Wash